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ATEX Smart PPE with 4G LTE-M, NB-IoT and LoRaWAN

2 January 2023

Successful ATEX product certification After 2 years of intense R&D and industrialization efforts, Intellinium has succesfully passed the ATEX product certification (EU Type Examination Certificate) and Quality Assurance Notification (QAN) for explosive environment under the examination of the European Notified Body LCIE Bureau Veritas, one of the most internationaly trusted and demanding certification body worldwide.…

Deep indoor penetration and propagation breakthrough inside confined spaces

24 May 2022

Combining Cellular IoT and LoRaWAN for telecom deep indoor penetration and propagation in the nuclear industry Framatome (the components manufactured by Framatome equip more than 100 nuclear reactors in 11 countries) and Intellinium have just demonstrated that it is possible to bring substantial extra safety to workers operating in very challenging confined spaces (such as…

Work zone intrusion research by US EPRI report featuring Detection Pod powered by Intellinium technologies

29 January 2022

Work zone intrusion mitigation technologies (WZIT) EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute is a US non-profit organization that conducts research and development related to the generation, delivery, and use of electricity to help address challenges in electricity, including reliability, efficiency, affordability, health, safety, and the environment) has issued a report (page 59 and 60) where Intellinium Detection Pod has…

The rise of Smart PPE in 2022 among all connected worker solutions !

20 January 2022

What is a smart PPE ? A smart PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is a tradionnal PPE equipment such as a hard hat, or shoes, boots or even protective glasses that feature somewhere an embbeded smart & connected unit or on which a smart & connected device (a.k.a wearable) is mounted. In both cases, the smart…

Galileo GNSS services as a game changer for safety use cases?

19 January 2021

Galileo, an alternative to GPS Intellinium has been selected among other 20 other innovative companies on the last Galileo GSA Call (December 2020). Galileo is the European alternative to GPS (belonging and managed by US), not only featuring GNSS location (including dual-band E1/E5 and SBAS) but also providing differentiating features such as NMA (Navigation Message…

Can Smart PPE help fighting COVID-19 by providing Worker Contact Tracing and Social Distancing?

22 April 2020

Intellinium, in collaboration with BIANCO (a French construction company), is currently working on a new smart PPE feature (based on Intellinium Safety Pods technology) that would help construction workers to be protected against the COVID-19 pandemic coronavirus. The first tests on the field will start this week. The principle is to alert a worker through…

Introducing Construction 4.0 Smart PPE with OPPBTP at Preventica Marseille 2019

11 October 2019

Following its selection by Impulse Partners, Intellinium was partnering with OPPBTP (Organisme professionnel de prévention du bâtiment et des travaux publics) this week at Preventica Marseille 2019 to present its construction 4.0 smart PPE (safety pod and smart cone). OPPBTP is in charge of promoting and developping occupational accident prevention among construction and building organisations. There…

Smart cone to protect workers on construction, building sites, roads lane cuts and railyards

30 August 2019

As a first result of their 9-months collaboration, Intellinium and APRR-AREA (Groupe EIFFAGE highway entity managing 30% of French highway) have issued a press release (only in French) featuring a new way to protect workers at risk on industrial forbidden area, roads, higways or building sites, based on smart cone technology connected to connected worker…

Smart PPE powered by Intellinium selected by French Building & Construction accelerator

28 May 2019

French national building & construction accelerator managed by Impulse Partners has selected Intellinium and its smart PPE technology during its last startup pitch session in April. Intellinium is now expanding its innovative technology into building & construction industry where smart PPE and Connected Worker hub can play a decisive role in preventing occupational accidents and…

Zephyr OS is ready for connecter worker devices

12 March 2019

Today, everything gets more and more complicated. This is of course true for embedded electronics design, both on software and hardware side. More complex boards will be more likely to fail at some point, and a more complex firmware will be more prone to bugs and side effects. We’ve all had a “I added a…

Deloitte IoT Innovation Report featuring Intellinium

12 November 2018

Intellinium smart PPE innovation has been selected by Deloitte in its IoT Innovation Report 2018. In 2014, Intellinium was inspired by MORSE code to transform passive protective equipment into smart PPE to enhance connected worker solutions. So, we started developing a code inspired by MORSE but simpler, with the goal to allow some smart &…

Avoid collision between vehicles and workers

10 October 2018

Collision between vehicles and workers Collision between vehicles and workers is one of the most expensive and serious incidents on a work site (such as construction site). Even when they happen at low speed (very often lower than 5 Km/h), collision can cause serious injury to operators or site workers, even not talking about loss…

Zephyr OS

7 August 2018

Linux Fondation is very known for Linux but there is another project called Zephyr OS that is getting a lot of interest. Contrary to some “false” open OS, Zephyr is really open and is backed by most chip makers, in particular by Nordic Semiconductor with their last BLE 5 Wireless MCU nrf52840 that we use in our hardware…

Make your connected worker smart PPE project successful

24 June 2018

Make your connected worker smart PPE digital transformation project successful Failing a project is easy and smart PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) roll-out into your organization is one of the most difficult connected worker project that you may face. There are some connected worker solution based on mobile apps. Those projects are the easiest to deal…

Connected worker smart safety shoes in OTC 2018 Houston

3 May 2018

Oil & Gas industry is one of the 4 verticals targetted by Intellinium (others are construction, mining and utilities). For this reason, Intellinium has decided to exhibit at OTC and has been showcasing its smart PPE innovation at OTC 2018 in Houston since Monday. Even though cost saving is important matter in this industry (especially among…

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