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Discover our co-designed software & hardware industrial IoT platform with unique set of features that enable smart, connected, power-efficient, resilent, cost-effective, sustainable and secured solutions.




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Platform 2.0 released in July 2016 with a lot of new features dedicated to industry 4.0 solutions including the first smart safety shoes running a full multi-apps ecosystem ...

... and now in October the release of the first industry 4.0 converging mobile app for lone workers featuring real-time data monitoring and event sharing between workers, machines and organizations. Android mobile app is now accessible on Private Google Play (on request).

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Since its inception, Intellinium has received support from major public and private actors in France and in Europe. Among all: Total Développement Régional, EADS Développement, BPI France, Région PACA, Technopôle Arbois-Méditerranée, Réseau Entreprendre, ...

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Real-time mass notification and emergency communication system based on haptic wearables

By mdestrian | 7 December 2016

A new innovative service integrated into industrial haptic wearable Real-time mass notification and emergency messaging (a.k.a ECS – Emergency Communication System) are highly valuable services for workers, military forces or citizen facing immediate and critical risks (industrial disaster, machine breakdown, hazardous chemical leakage, terrorist attack…). Intellinium has just finalized the first individual mass notification system and emergency notifications…

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Why IIoT is different from IoT ?

By mdestrian | 1 December 2016

IIoT (Industrial Internet Of Things) and IoT (Internet Of Things) are similar but also very different in terms of services, requirements and constraints. IoT focuses more on multimedia features, cheap product, time to market and less on security, privacy, maintenance, product life cycle and added value services. IIoT is more complex from technical, functional and…

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