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Archive for June 2016

AFNOR articles on Cybersecurity and Smartcities

Intellinium is an AFNOR articles author about Smartcities, risk management and cybersecurity. For the last 2 years, Intellinium has produced 2 articles and a third one is currently undergoing for september/october. (Only available in French) – “Cybercriminalité et risques pour l’entreprise“ “Destiné aux dirigeants de TPE/PME ou aux responsables sécurité. Un focus particulier est fait…

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Lesson 3 : “Privacy data protection shall be a priority”

When the founder of Facebook, Mark Zukerberg, is caught on Instagram with tapes masking its webcam & micro Macbook, everyone shall step back and check his assumptions regarding privacy…    Thanks Chris Olson for this (published on his twitter account) ! More on this : The Guardian New York Times Huffington Post Privacy is a…

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ETSI Security Week

Industrial IoT and Wearables: Proof Of Concept based on ABE (Attribute-based Encryption) Last week at the ETSI Security Week, Intellinium presented part of its R&D program with a demo & talk. The goal of this demo was to illustrate by a concrete example the challenges faced by data access control and enforcement for industrial IoT…

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Lesson 2 : “Small is beautiful”

Making a product smart implies a lot of technical challenges, both from hardware and software perspective. Among all constraints, getting a “small” and “hidden” device is often a requirement to ensure that your end-user benefits from the best “user experience” to facilitate his “user acceptance“. We often immediately think about wearables when size and small…

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Lesson 1 : “A strategic decision”

Transforming your product into a smart object is a difficult task but something rewarding and probably necessary if you want to survive to your competitors or newcomers. As a prerequisite before starting all smart projects, strategic and business review must be carried out. Based on our last projects, below are some questions/issues that you should…

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