An opportunity to save lives and give a meaning to your career.

Be excited and passionate by the technical challenge.

Protect our environment.

Our Values

Career opportunities at Intellinium are strongly related to opportunities to truly act towards a social responsible mission: protect people and environment.

Intellinium name comes from a latin root "intelligere" meaning "networking or collaborating". One of our fist key value is COOPERATION between all our stakeholders into a unique direction: "Be the best at protecting and saving workers' lives while keeping low resource and energy to preserve our environment".

You want to sell ads, build gadget, track people, improve worker productivity from 15.67% to 15.69%. Well, that's too bad. Better join another team!

What we are doing is incredibly tough and challenging. To succeed and overcome daily difficulties, we need POSITIVE and PRO-ACTIVE people.

TRUST is also a very important value for us and for our customers. Joining our team means that, whatever your age or your profile, you will immediately share a high level of information and contacts.

DO IT YOURSELF is our motto when designing and developing our technologies. We do NOT outsource technical development (software, hardware, mechanical).

Last but not the least, we highly value the TECHNOLOGY and TECHNICAL skills. We do not consider and do not look for someone who "pisses" thousands lines of code. We are NOT interested in monkeys. Coding and Designing is an art and we are looking for artists !


The talents we are looking for !