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mist computing

Zephyr OS is ready for connecter worker devices

Today, everything gets more and more complicated. This is of course true for embedded electronics design, both on software and hardware side. More complex boards will be more likely to fail at some point, and a more complex firmware will be more prone to bugs and side effects. We’ve all had a “I added a…

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Zephyr OS

Linux Fondation is very known for Linux but there is another project called Zephyr OS that is getting a lot of interest. Contrary to some “false” open OS, Zephyr is really open and is backed by most chip makers, in particular by Nordic Semiconductor with their last BLE 5 Wireless MCU nrf52840 that we use in our hardware…

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Fog, mist, cloud and edge computing

We often have questions related to cloud, fog, mist and edge computing. Is it just a question of marketing never-ending creativity? Is there a technical reality beyond those terms? Is one approach better than another one? The Cloud Cloud computing is a very centralized paradigm where most data analysis/processes are realized on centralized servers that…

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