Deloitte IoT Innovation Report featuring Intellinium

Intellinium smart PPE innovation has been selected by Deloitte in its IoT Innovation Report 2018.

In 2014, Intellinium was inspired by MORSE code to transform passive protective equipment into smart PPE to enhance connected worker solutions. So, we started developing a code inspired by MORSE but simpler, with the goal to allow some smart & connected interactions between workers - workers and workers - machines. For example, we started working on aggression risk for lone workers on the wild.

Since then, we have been developing and patenting other technologies that match industrial requirements in tough environment. Fail-safe, fail-over and fall-back mechanisms are particularly critical to manage.

Workers acceptance is also something very important. Our solution is fully compliant with European GDPR. We do not track workers and we do not allow employer to track workers.


During MWC 2018, BBC made a report on what they called "Morse Code Shoes".

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