Connected Worker Safety projects need digital transformation methodology and experience.

Apply digital transformation methodology to make your project successful !

Since 2014, Intellinium has been partnering with major industrial to develop and test connected safety shoes in the field but also the overall connected worker solution that includes APIs and mobile apps. Based on those different customer trial experiences, we have come up with a simple and efficient digital transformation methodology to ensure positive outcome in your industry 4.0 connected worker project.

Phase I: Analysis, Pre-Study and Use Cases

The objective is to formalize the request, the needs and identify the state of the art, the legal constraints, the users’ demands and to check the technical feasibility of the project.

Phase II: PoC (Proof of Concept)

This phase is mandatory if the project is either very technical or very complex. In this case, the complexity of the project makes this phase a must, and will aim to demonstrate the project feasibility by finding solutions to a set of use cases defined in phase I.

Phase III: Field trial

This phase is mandatory in any cases, and will:

  • Test the solution in real conditions
  • Correct, update and improve functionalities using users’ feedbacks
  • Check the connected safety shoes acceptance
  • Involve workers counsels for data privacy and data algorithms acceptance
  • Integrate IT department to integrate INTELLINIUM API
  • Measure the power consumption, radiation…

Phase IV: Roll-Out

This phase aims to scale the connected safety shoes to a large number of users.

The right methodolody to ensure success