ETSI Security Week

Industrial IoT and Wearables: Proof Of Concept based on ABE (Attribute-based Encryption)

Last week at the ETSI Security Week, Intellinium presented part of its R&D program with a demo & talk.

The goal of this demo was to illustrate by a concrete example the challenges faced by data access control and enforcement for industrial IoT equipment generating or capturing sensitive data (from worker, from infrastructure, from process, ...) and how a unified ABAC mechanism coupled with appropriate encryption can handle local and global data access request and protection.

The presentation was illustrated by results from a PoC (Proof of Concept) implementation done by Intellinium and IBIT Ambrosini UG.

A live demo was carried out showing how fast KP-ABE encryption can be processed and how the end-user can configure his data access control policies (user explicit consent).

This access control mechanism could apply at least to the following use cases:

  • Smart vehicle with car owner and/or user data access control and data consent manager
  • Smart Individual Protective Equipment (a.k.a "Connected Worker") with owner and/or user and/or organization data access control and data consent manager
  • Smart machine in industry 4.0 where predictive maintenance and/or performance optimization require different data from different machine components managed/owned by different organizations and/or manufacturers.
  • Smart cities

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