Innovative embedded, mobile, cloud and AI features to ensure your safety anytime anywhere

Android & Wear OS apps and Web-based dashboard

Intellinium provides end-users and customers a full range of tools to immediately experience the connected solutions benefits associated with a full integrated ecosystem.

(1) An Android smartphone app that allows end-users to configure some parameters (such as sensor membrane sensitivity) and to visualize data & alerts providing a powerful mobile geographic information system as well as a decision making tool. iOS app is possible but iOS penetration rate is extremely poor among industrial end-users.

(2) A Wear OS smart watch app that displays messages to end-users and can provide bio-signal (such as heart pulse) to our devices. Although iOS watch app is possible, Wear OS looks clearly more adapted to regular end-users, being consumer or worker.

(3) A web-based dashboard that helps our end-users and customers to leverage data and event communication field communication between workers themselves and worker-employer. Dashboard allows for instance to check in real-time workers alerts & messages, to acknowledge alert process or to send a message to a group (emergency mass notification for instance) or a to given worker.


Ready to experience a new fully integrated connected ecosystem?

Your feedback is more than welcome. We have been developing with and for end-users since the beginning and you have the power to bring us to even better interactions and features for you and the others !


If you are an organization with an IT department, we propose 3 APIs to connect our devices to your IT infrastructure, your mobile apps (phone, watch..) and your machines

Connect easily your mobile apps and/or IT infra and/or your machines to our different devices using our APIs mix:

(1) Cloud-based REST API (Bi-directional with all CRUD actions)

(2) Cloud-based EVENT Bus (subscribe-only)

(3) Local Bluetooth Low Energy API (Bi-Directional)


Cellular IoT and Bluetooth Low Energy to handle harsh telecom environment

Future-proof and industrial-grade technologies

After a lot of internal & external talks with our technical partners, Intellinium has decided to propose 2 different telecom technologies that brings: reliability, versatility, future-proof, building penetration, telecom coverage, cost-efficient and power optimization.

(1) LPWA Cellular LTE-M1 and LTE-NB1 (aka NB-IoT) operating between 700 MHz to 2.7 GHz.

(2) Bluetooth Low Energy v5 (BLE) operating worldwide at unlicensed 2.4 GHz band.

Coverage and building penetration

Our design has been optimized to offer the best performance in terms of coverage and penetration. For instance, our communication is based on small-sized messages and high latency tolerance channel to cope with weak and unstable telecom link.

MESH networks

To handle "pure" telecom white spots (i.e. there is no cellular network connectivity at all), our devices can operate ad-hoc local networks featuring mesh (point-to-point) communications where one or several devices can act as telecom gateway.



Onboard flash memory dedicated to our customer use cases


To handle local business analytics & decision-making as well as offline data acquisition, Intellinium has integrated on-board flash memory storage on its hardware generic platform. Customer specific apps can use this storage capacity (32 Mb) and upload to the network when storage capacity is full. 

Offering this offline storage capacity and local decision making process makes our hardware & software platform a truly edge computing module, and even mist computing if we consider the online/offline strategy.