History, vision and commitments

A great adventure is nothing without a great and a passionate team

Intellinium timeline

Intellinium is an innovative company which has evolved and grown, since its creation in 2009 in Aix-en-Provence (South of France), by pursuing the following idea: the new technologies can and should contribute to improve the quality of life and security of citizens, workers, companies and urban infrastructures.

Motivated by this vision, we have capitalized our expertise and know-how, and we are now able to provide powerful embedded solutions targetting low-power, small form factor, smart and highly secured applications dedicated to protecting people, workers, assets or infrastructures.

We have been massively investing in R & D programs since our inception and have built strong partnerships with industrial companies who help us in delivering our vision. In 2009, we started working on a 100% cloud application adressing the needs of an online secure third party collaborative extranet and we added in 2014 embbeded hardware and software in our technical developments to be ready for Internet of Things and Smart Products revolution. As for now, we can provide a full stack smart cities and smart product offer both on hardware and software. Several pending patents are currently on-going on our key technologies and innovations.

Besides investing in R&D, we have also signed and delivered concrete customer projects all over the past years. It has also been very important to us to make sure that we answer real needs for real customers and end-users, and that we develop useful products.

Our offices are located in Technopôle Arbois-Méditerranée campus close to Sophia-Antipolis ecosystem. We are also sponsored and coached by numerous French and European innovation structures that support us in our development, as well as official member of prestigious international and national standardisation bodies: ETSI and AFNOR.

In 2015, Intellinium raised € 275.000 private equity from a public traded investment holding as a sign of its potential and its track record. Company is still mainly owned by founder to ensure stability, innovation and consistency of business and product development.