The first smart safety shoes that can make its own decision to protect and save lives

Smart & Connected Safety Shoes

Intellinium brings to the market the first smart shoes allowing worker to send & receive messages without using his hands AND without the need to have a smartphone. Alerts can be sent as well as other types of messages thanks to an alphabet based on 2 characters and by using his toe foot.

A first distinctive patented feature is a FSR (Force Sensor Membrane) that acts as a “activation button” inside the shoes. The shoes holder can “press” this “button” with his toes to start a sequence (composed of 2 symbols: “short” or “long”, an alphabet derived from MORSE code). This differs from other smart PPE that do not allow interactions with the device without using hands.

Right and left vibrating motors, as well as a 90dB buzzer, allow the shoes to communicate with the holder using short and long vibration or beeps too.

For instance, this system allows holder to acknowledge when he receives a message to leave immediately an area. Or he can send a “MAY DAY” message to alert his employer or colleagues. To handle extreme situations (such as broken leg), a second external membrane is also available by hand.


Lateral flexible casing is another distinctive patented feature that we use to locate all the electronics, battery and antennae. 

This design allows our customers to integrate our smart device on their own safety shoes (or boots) if they accept not to benefit from internal membrane (which requires a slight but significant modification of the shoe during the manufacturing process).

Web Dashboard & Cloud-based REST API


Dashboard and Cloud-Based REST API are provided to help our end-users and customers to leverage data and event communication field communication between workers themselves and worker-employer.

Dashboard allows for instance to check in real-time workers alerts & messages, to acknowledge alert process or to send a message to a group (emergency mass notification for instance) or a to given worker.

Mobile app

Although smartphone is optional to operate our services, we provide a mobile app that allows end-users to configure some parameters (such as sensor membrane sensitivity) and to visualize data & alerts.

Our device is also smart enough to connect to the smartphone to save energy for sending/receiving data from outside. But again, smartphone is totally optional during operation.