Connected worker smart safety shoes in OTC 2018 Houston

Oil & Gas industry is one of the 4 verticals targetted by Intellinium (others are construction, mining and utilities). For this reason, Intellinium has decided to exhibit at OTC and has been showcasing its smart PPE innovation at OTC 2018 in Houston since Monday. Even though cost saving is important matter in this industry (especially among suppliers), worker safety is still priority number 1.

Our smart “add-on” can be plugged to any safety shoes and can cover most of safety features for your workers including: man-down, alert button, mass emergency notification, doubt removal and a lot of more innovative safety features. By doing so, we make obsolete most of existing electronic equipment and provide significant saving cost for companies with a lot of workers on the field. Last but not the least, we will reduce the hardware waste and energy required today for all those devices. Our vision is mutualization and virtualization as enablers for new types of PPEs.

We might start our first pilot soon in US with big player names, and probably in Texas :-). Stay tuned !




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