Smart Cities European Cluster “Energy in Water”

Our case study ‘Autonomous nano-servers to monitor water transportation and/or quality‘  has been choosen for the “Energy In Water” newsletter (sept 2016).

See the article on Energy in Water website.

We believe that edge & nano-servers computing will be a key technology  for the future roll-out of industrial and smart city solutions, in particular in relation with utilities market such as market and water.


  • Ability to handle its proper local network and to harvest energy in case of blackout due to terrorist attack or natural disaster
  • Privacy and Security
  • A mix of power optimisation as well as high-level applicative stacks that allow rich app ecosystem
  • Remote Maintenance and Evolution (firmware update)
  • Local analytics and decision-making (especially critical when the devices can/must save lives at a local level without connection with a remote server)
  • Bandwidth optimisations – make sure that only what is necessary goes to the Internet


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