IO the first smart safety shoes for consumers at Foire de Marseille, one of the biggest European consumers event

After its first success in industry, Intellinium is leveraging its technology and know-how to test product diversification (IO is the first smart safety shoes /boots for consumers) into B2C consumer segment at Foire de Marseille. This event is the French version of CES Las Vegas in much smaller size. The company plans to be present at Las Vegas in January 2018 to introduce at a global level its disruptive innovation.

IO, the first smart safety shoes for day-to-day activities are based on the idea that people can benefit from what exists in industrial environment on their DIY activities. Embedded technologies allow the shoe to autonomously make its own decisions when people life is at risk whenever wherever.

Why do we believe that our product can seduce and convince consumers:

  1. We propose them a product that is usually used in industry environment. Most of DIY people are exposed to similar risks to workers and they will appreciate to be protected the same way with a product that has been highly tested.
  2. We have transformed a passive equipment into an active wearable by using state-of-the-art embedded software/hardware technology. Not only we provide a personal protective equipment to ordinary people but we made it smart & connected to save their life. Doing that, we provide much more value than self-quantified traditional wearable.
  3. We do not propose a smart sole but a smart shoe which brings more value to the user (better battery lifetime, better telecom sensitivity, better product lifetime).
  4. We have invented a new way of communicating from/to the shoes because we think that human interactions are at the center of user value creation. The shoes become an always-on “buddy” which monitors your status, interface the outside world and save your life. Some consumers could communicate using MORSE signals, especially the ones with military exposure. An infinite number of messages are possible. Vibration and force sensor sensitivity can be configured.
  5. The product is highly versatile and can be updated remotely. That way, the consumer can benefit from new apps either from Intellinium and/or from third parties available through a “shoe app store”.
  6. Last but not the least, the geek DIY consumer can leverage our REST API to create and personalize their own application. A product for DIY that can also be used as a DIY artefact for DIY consumers!

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