Introducing Construction 4.0 Smart PPE with OPPBTP at Preventica Marseille 2019


Following its selection by Impulse Partners, Intellinium was partnering with OPPBTP (Organisme professionnel de prévention du bâtiment et des travaux publics) this week at Preventica Marseille 2019 to present its construction 4.0 smart PPE (safety pod and smart cone).

OPPBTP is in charge of promoting and developping occupational accident prevention among construction and building organisations. There are about 500 fatal occupational accidents each year in France and about 20% of them are in the construction area.

Smart PPE, and more globally connected worker solutions, can greatly help to fight and reduce drastically risks and occupational accidents in road, building or construction area. For instance, using smart cone can help to ensure that no one (incl. vehicles) enter in a specific area where workers are at work. Another example can be geofencing feature where only workers whith specific habilitations and/or skills can access. Last but not the least, checking whether hard hat or gloves are worn by workers can be a powerful tool to fight against common occupational accident due to bad practices.

IIoT embedded hardware and software technologies are now ready for construction 4.0 safety equipment that are simple to use, cost effective, as smart as your laptop and in line with workers expectations in terms of privacy and security design. There are some specific constraints to adress for construction 4.0 smart PPE such as construction-proof and very efficient and flexible pricing.

The only PPE that is individual and not shared/forgotten are the safety shoes or boots. That's the reason why Intellinium has chosen to mount its safety pod on shoes or boots, because we know that it's the only place where we can ensure that the protecting device will be always worn by workers.

Intellinium will also participate soon to Batimat in Paris in November and will be again hosted in OPPBTP booth.

Construction 4.0 Smart PPE