NEWS: Intellinium will roll-out in 2017 the first industry 4.0 large scale field trial in France

Intellinium and its partners are proud to announce that Intellinium has been selected by Enedis (a major key account in charge of electricity distribution for about 95% in France) to roll out the first connected worker solution (safety shoes) large scale trial on the field. The experimentation is based on the last prototypes and will last about 6 months. Other major industrial companies are currently evaluating the opportunity to roll out such experimentation and we expect new collaboration announced during the Q1 or Q2 2017.

Customer benefits are tremendous in terms of cost reduction, new usages or even new value-added services offered to our customer ‘s customers.

Thanks to its innovative technologies dedicated to protective equipment (patent pending) for industrial wearable such as safety shoes (pending patent), Intellinium is very well positioned to be a major player in connected worker industry and more globally in industry 4.0 applications.

Unlike most similar solutions, Intellinium does not provide only a few sensors and a gateway to Internet to send data but offers a true real-time smart decision-making engine and local analytics processor as well as a multi-protocol telecom infrastructure communicating from/to the user equipment.

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