Connected worker smart safety shoes in OTC 2018 Houston

3 May 2018

Oil & Gas industry is one of the 4 verticals targetted by Intellinium (others are construction, mining and utilities). For this reason, Intellinium has decided to exhibit at OTC and…

Morse code shoes in MWC Barcelona 2018

23 March 2018

Thanks to Rory Cellan-Jones from BBC who visited our MWC Barcelona 2018 demo only 2 hrs after official opening on Monday, our innovation is now know as “Morse Code Shoes“. And…

Innovation World Cup Industrial Award 2018 in Munich

5 February 2018

After Med’Innovant 2017 award, Intellinium has received another award for its innovative smart PPE based on safety shoes during Innovation World Cup held in Munich last week in category “industry”. 490 start-ups…

Innovation World Cup

Innovation World Cup Munich and Mobile World Congress Barcelona

8 January 2018

Even tough we have been selected in 2017 by CTA CES Las Vegas & by Aix-Marseille French Tech, we have eventually decided not to invest to over-crowded CES Las Vegas…

Work(-related accident every 15 s

Every 15 seconds, a worker dies from a work-related accident or disease

24 December 2017

The human cost of work-related accident is beyond imagination Every 15 seconds, a worker dies from a work-related accident or disease. In Europe only, 3.720 workers died in 2013… Those…

ENGIE Intellinium Med Innovant 2017 smart ports

Smart Ports: 2017 Med Innovant Award Winner for its innovative smart PPE

29 November 2017

Smart Ports Last week, Intellinium received Med Innovant 2017 award for its innovation related to Smart Ports & Cities. Since 2014, Intellinium has been investing significative amount of ressources to bring to the…

IO the first smart safety shoes for consumers at Foire de Marseille, one of the biggest European consumers event

23 September 2017

After its first success in industry, Intellinium is leveraging its technology and know-how to test product diversification (IO is the first smart safety shoes /boots for consumers) into B2C consumer…

Intellinium has been accepted into SHELL mentoring program dedicated to “Operational Excellence”

4 September 2017

Intellinium is proud to announce its selection among SHELL mentoring program dedicated to “Operational Excellence”. Safety is a key priority for SHELL and connected worker solutions might bring to this…

smart glasses health risks

Cancer risks and corporate liabilities related to wearable and smart PPEs

31 August 2017

Health risks requirements are often missing in wearable design Connected worker wearable design is something extremely tough from an electronic, a cost, a software and a mechanical approach. That’s the…

France 2 télématin

Connected worker report on France 2 (French TV)

14 July 2017

A new report about Intellinium innovation on French TV (France 2, only in French!) during Télématin show on Thursday 13th, July. What was shown is a very limited part of…