Fog, mist, cloud and edge computing

25 January 2017

We often have questions related to cloud, fog, mist and edge computing. Is it just a question of marketing never-ending creativity? Is there a technical reality beyond those terms? Is…

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NEWS: 2nd part publication at AFNOR (ISO in France) library about cyber security case studies for smart cities

17 January 2017

A new AFNOR publication of “Smart Cities & Cyber Security” is now available (only in French) at AFNOR Library. Two previous articles are also available about cyberisk and cybersecurity. This 2nd part…

Real-time mass notification and emergency communication system based on haptic wearables

7 December 2016

A new innovative service integrated into industrial haptic wearable Real-time mass notification and emergency messaging (a.k.a ECS – Emergency Communication System) are highly valuable services for workers, military forces or citizen facing immediate…


Why IIoT is different from IoT ?

1 December 2016

IIoT (Industrial Internet Of Things) and IoT (Internet Of Things) are similar but also very different in terms of services, requirements and constraints. IoT focuses more on multimedia features, cheap…

connected worker event in Paris

NEWS: Intellinium selected to introduce its connected worker technology at SMART INDUSTRY 2016

12 November 2016

Intellinium has been selected by CNRFID  in partnership with Region PACA to introduce its connected worker innovative solution based on the first smart safety shoes at CONNECT+ EVENT 2016 in Paris…

Intellinium & Nanolike technical demonstrator at ENOVA Paris 14-15 September 2016

19 September 2016

Intellinium and Nanolike (a company focused on nano-sensors such as nano-strain gauge) have partnered at ENOVA Paris to showcase a real-time wireless monitoring using an autonomous edge module, an acquisition board, 2…

Smart Cities European Cluster “Energy in Water”

9 September 2016

Our case study ‘Autonomous nano-servers to monitor water transportation and/or quality‘  has been choosen for the “Energy In Water” newsletter (sept 2016). See the article on Energy in Water website. We believe…

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AFNOR articles on Cybersecurity and Smartcities

29 June 2016

Intellinium is an AFNOR articles author about Smartcities, risk management and cybersecurity. For the last 2 years, Intellinium has produced 2 articles and a third one is currently undergoing for…

Lesson 3 : “Privacy data protection shall be a priority”

23 June 2016

When the founder of Facebook, Mark Zukerberg, is caught on Instagram with tapes masking its webcam & micro Macbook, everyone shall step back and check his assumptions regarding privacy…   …

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ETSI Security Week

23 June 2016

Industrial IoT and Wearables: Proof Of Concept based on ABE (Attribute-based Encryption) Last week at the ETSI Security Week, Intellinium presented part of its R&D program with a demo &…