Real-time mass notification and emergency communication system based on haptic wearables

A new innovative service integrated into industrial haptic wearable

Real-time mass notification and emergency messaging (a.k.a ECS – Emergency Communication System) are highly valuable services for workers, military forces or citizen facing immediate and critical risks (industrial disaster, machine breakdown, hazardous chemical leakage, terrorist attack…).

Intellinium has just finalized the first individual mass notification system and emergency notifications based on haptic industrial wearable (it’s currently a safety shoe but it might be another type of wearable or personal protective equipment).

How does it work?

Well, it’s very simple and does not require extra device or specific training. The shoe is embedded with hidden hardware and software. When an event occurs, a message is sent to the shoes and processed locally. If necessary, depending for example on position, abilities, current protective equipment worn by the user… the shoes will emit a specific sequence of vibrations to inform the user to leave the area and/or to call his manager for example.

Mass notification and emergency communication can leverage “wearable group messaging” functionality developed by our engineering team. It gives a lot of flexibility wen time comes to implement different communication strategies for different group of people inside (intranet), outside or shared among different companies or organisations (extranet).


  • Discrete and hidden emergency communication system (could be useful in case of terrorist attack)
  • Real-time communication
  • Bi-directional communication – the user is able to give confirmation that he/she has received the message
  • No need to have/wear a smartphone
  • Embedded into a shoe that no one can forget at home or at office
  • A local big data decision-making based on local user and environment analytics


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