Consulting, Services, Expertise and Agile prototyping

We help our customer to make the best decisions

Cybersecurity and embedded solutions expertise

Intellinium has been investing, working and actively contributing to different cybersecurity topics and areas such as:

  • data access control mechanisms for edge computing and nanoservers,
  • developping and securing multi-applicative edge middleware,
  • studying OMA LWM2M implementations,
  • studying quantum-safe primitives,
  • etc.

We have also been working very hard on hardware and software embedded architecture and development  for our edge and nanoserver technologies.


We propose to help our customers all along the 4 phases that we have identified over time and different past projects:

  • Phase I: Brainstorming
  • Phase II: Rapid prototyping
  • Phase III: Proof of Concept (R&D)
  • Phase IV: Field testing (end-user acceptance & industrialisation)


Very limited cost with high added-value deliverable (PDF report). Usually it takes 5 days for a daily rate of about 650 EUR VAT excl.

Rapid prototyping

A fast and cost-efficient way for industrial to test their idea feasability !

Proof of Concept (R&D)

Benefit from Intellinium software and hardware skills and experience to get ready a first R&D PoC demonstrating the technical and end-to-end usages feasability of your idea.

Field testing (end-user acceptance & industrialisation)

Last but not the least, check your assumptions directly on the field. Iterate if necessary.