Smart cities

Make your cities smart to bring more protection to assets and citizens

What is a "smart city"?

There are a lot of definitions about what is a smart city (for instance the definition from Wikipedia here) and we must admit a bit of hype. Nevertheless, there are deep trends that justify and explain in which ways cities are changing (or must change).

We believe that a smart city must be:

  1. Sustainable
  2. Protective
  3. Attractive
  4. Efficient
  5. Fun to live and work

What are examples of smart cities applications?

Last year, Intellinium was asked to answer a need about local nano-servers able to operate/communicate using photo-voltaic panels for:

- Traffic light and road traffic monitoring

- Display parking info

There are a few examples of what could be public connected and smart services.

Unfortunately, most of new and innovative services are pushed by vendors and not pulled by citizens, which of course doesn't work...

What is required to enable "smart cities" applications?

"Smart cities" services call for the same requirements as Industry 4.0.

Intellinium solution and benefits

After months of iterative talks and follow-up with public and private actors, we feel that it would be very difficult to address the smart cities by starting a massive project. What we advice now is to start by something small and to apply the principles of "lean startup" to public actors. Start small, iterate, get appropriation and consent, and then iterate, improve.

In that way, Intellinium can really help public actors to explore and iterate at a very cost-efficient price compared to traditional IT majors whose ticket starts at a minimum of 500.000 EUR very often...