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Enjoy outdoors activities safely.
The first smart & connected trekking shoes that can save your life.

Benefit from our groundbreaking add-on that can be attached to any outdoor shoes to protect and save your life in the worst situations !


You are caught by unexpected bad weather conditions

Harsh weather conditions can happen at anytime anywhere. Climate change is making outdoors activities more at risk. Use our innovation to be alerted by vibrating signals into your connected trekking shoes in case of severe thunderstorms or other climate brutal change.

Wasp, snakes or other potentially severe bites

Wasp sting or snake bite can happen to any hiker or trekker. Unfortunately, allergy reactions can concern all of us and immediate actions might be necessary. Use our innovation to request immediate assistance from your friends and/or identified contacts !

Lost, exhausted, broken arm/leg, heart issues, ...

Every year there are significant number of hikers/trekkers that are facing health issues during their trip. Make use of our panic button to alert immediately. If you are unconscious, your connected trekking shoe will try to wake up you through vibrations. In case you don't acknowledge, a message will be sent to alert your contacts.

You want to ask for assistance but there is no telecom coverage where you are !

Although 100% worldwide coverage is not possible, our system can still provide much better telecom coverage and penetration than your traditional old-school smartphone connectivity. By using new network technologies such as 4G LTE-M1 and 4G LTE-NB1 (aka NB-IoT), we can provide alerts even in harsh telecom environment. Last but not the least, benefit from several weeks of battery autonomy compared to 48 hr max with your smartphone !

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