Protect workers against road accidents

Protect your workers on the road with smart road cone (pending patent)

Since 2018, Intellinium and Groupe APRR have been collaborating on an innovative smart road cone to improve workers safety when they are at risk on road / highway lanes.

quad pod to be mounted on road cone
Quad-pod with electronic board to be mounted on a cone

After months of field testing and worker focus group, we have achieved a, innovative and cost-efficient device (called "quad-pod") that can be mounted on any road cone. It can also be used in industry as well when you wish to protect some specific area against vehicle/truck entrance.

How does the smart road cone work?

The principle is very simple.

As soon as you want to protect a road lane and/or an area because there are workers downwards the driving flow, you take one of the quad-pods in your hands and you position it on top of upper cone part. Then you strecth and you push it until the silicon is properly mated. That's all. Simple, convenient and fast.

To activate the smart road cone, you just have to push the button according to a sequence and to confirm it.

As soon as a person and or a vehicule moves/crashes/flip the smart road cone equipped with an activated quad-pod, a visual and wireless signal is immediately sent to all workers close to this specific cone. When the signal is received by a worker close to the smart road cone, a vibrating signal is triggered on his smart safety shoe powered by Intellinium technologies as well.

0 to N workers can be notified simultaneously.

2 telecom technologies are used, which allows:

  • Direct point-to-point connection between the cone and 0-N workers using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Indirect connection between the cone and 0-N workers using cellular IoT standards (namely 4G LTE-M and NB-IoT)

The reason why we use different wireless protocols is to ensure redundancy and the lowest response time. In other words, most of the time the BLE connection will be faster (2 to 3 s) but sometimes the 4G connection might be faster (3 to 5 s). The extra benefit of using IoT 4G protocols is to allow to notify the central station and/or workers at hundreds and thousands of meters.