Leveraging connected worker and smart PPE to enhance your social environmental responsibility

Social and environmental responsibility

Social environmental responsibility is critical for enabling connected worker & industry 4.0, as well as ensuring sustainable and profitable operations.

Intellinium was discussing at RSE & Innovation Forum on June 22,2017 in Marseille that industry 4.0, connected worker and social responsibility work hand in hand for better and safer places to work in. A lot of visitors and a lot of valuable talks with fresh ideas about new services to make our offer more complete and closer to field constraints & needs.

Intellinium RSE Innovation Marseille June 22 2017               social environmental responsibility

Facilitate connected worker roll-out and worker empowerment

Taking into account all issues related to worker regulations (for instance lone workers) can help convincing workers and enabling better empowerment which is a key successful criteria in connected worker solutions. For instance, it doesn’t make any sense to impose someone to use a smart personal protective equipment (PPE) such as connected smart safety shoes or gloves if he or she feels that this artifact will be used to track his/her activities for the sole purpose of productivity and at the sole benefit of employer. Social environmental responsibility is something useful and necessary when time comes to convince stakeholders about global positive impact for everyone (employer, insurer, worker, customer, partner, ..).

Make more with less – reducing waste and save rare ressources

Integrating separate devices into a single one has tremendous impact on reducing waste and saving energy. Man-down or personal button alert require lithium battery, components and casing, and generate huge waste when product life cycle is over. By eliminating those external devices and integrating them into one single object, you dramatically reduce the amount of ressources and waste.

Reduce your compensation cost and increase your profitability while ensuring worker safety and social environmental responsibility requirements

Reducing occupational accident and diseases is not only a question of complying with worker regulations but improving as well your profitability. It is often said that the overall occupational accident cost is 4 times the direct cost. When your margin are under pressure and you want to find ways of increasing profitability, it makes a lot of sense to improve working conditions and above all working safety. A very interesting thing is that we have been contacted recently by several players from India dealing with mining industry (as well as Brazil). We strongly believe that emerging markets will also embrace new connected worker solutions to improve safety and health.

Sometimes (for instance in France) big corporations shall demonstrate that they have positively contributed to concrete actions in regards to social environmental responsibility. Connected worker solutions can be considered as a very positive outcome for workers and thus to contribute to social environmental responsibility requirements.

Build a new competitive advantage

Embracing industry 4.0 and connected worker can help your organisation to jump into the new era for best-in-class industrial practices. Thus, in addition to all the benefits that were described previously, last but not the least, connected worker can help you to strengthen or create a (new) sustainable competitive advantage.


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