The first ATEX Smart PPE product featuring Cellular IoT LTE-M and NB-IoT as well as LoRaWAN

Succesful ATEX production certification

After 2 years of intense efforts, Intellinium has just succesfully passed the ATEX product certification (EU Type Examination Certificate) and Quality Assurance Notification (QAN) for explosive environment under the examination of the European Notified Body LCIE Bureau Veritas.

An extensive ATEX conformity level covering a large scope of industrial environments

Our equipmentl.

From deep indoor confined space to wide open industrial area

Sometimes considered as a niche market, ATEX explosive environments can indeed be found in a lot of public and private organisations: water treatment, oil & gas industry, agriculture, mines, petrol station.. and in a lot of various environment ranging from confined areas to wide open industrial operation sites.

A game changer in ATEX portable equipment market

Until now, the ATEX market has been driven by traditionnal portable gas sensor equipments and safety devices (only) embedding 3G or 4G for communication. Very often, those equipments fail to deliver a communication link in very harsh telecom environment.

Intellinium is now game changing this highly inertial market with a revolutionary device which can communicate using different frequencies and different protocols : 4G LTE-M, 4G NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, Bluetooth Low Energy, NFC !

Maybe the most interesting is that average battery life is 2 weeks compared to 12 h for most of equivalent products.

ATEX is also an assurance to have a safe product for anyone

Intellinium strongly believes that ATEX certification can also be of interest for anyone looking for a safe Lithium-based product. What is know as "thermal runaway" can have dramatic consequences. Explosion of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (2017), Apple Watch (2022) and e-Scooter (2022) have democratized how unsafe basic products can be, even produced by very well-known brands.

The US OSHA has even produced a notice on that specific hazard: "Preventing Fire and/or Explosion Injury from Small and Wearable Lithium Battery Powered Devices".

By definition, an ATEX product such as the one produced by Intellinium is safe and cannot be a source of hazard for users in terms of explosion nor it can create any risk of explosion should the user be located in a room with a gas leak.

Last but not the least, the overall product quality is likely to be better for an ATEX product than for a regular product. Why? Because there is so much requirement on ensuring the product safety that other quality factors are almost necessarly taken into consideration as well.

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