Why IIoT is different from IoT ?

IIoT (Industrial Internet Of Things) and IoT (Internet Of Things) are similar but also very different in terms of services, requirements and constraints.

IoT focuses more on multimedia features, cheap product, time to market and less on security, privacy, maintenance, product life cycle and added value services.

IIoT is more complex from technical, functional and even business perspectives, and proposes enterprise-grade features such as:

  • Local analytics and decision-making algorithms (big data)
  • Adaptability and versatility
  • Maintenance during product life cycle
  • Reliable telecom protocols
  • Resilience (ability to recover from crash and/or attack)
  • Security and Privacy by design and by default
  • Premium SLA and services
  • Very small form-factor to facilitate product integration

Intellinium has been extensively working on different projects and technologies while building an homogeneous hardware and software platform dedicated to IIoT industry 4.0 and connected worker products, such as for example the safety shoes haptic industrial wearable (pending patent).


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